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Building affordable housing is a complex process.  That’s why Prosperity Indiana’s virtual Real Estate Development Academy can help you and your organization navigate the complexity of project development.  The Academy offers you the tools and knowledge in your ongoing efforts to expand affordable rental and homeownership units in your local community. 


The Academy is designed for novices.  Attendees need not have any prior real estate investment or development experience.  The Academy is designed as an introduction for people with an interest in developing affordable housing in their local community who do not know how to get started.  Even veteran developers will benefit, however, from the intensive focus of the Academy.

Lenders can gain knowledge to improve underwriting.  Tax professionals and financial advisors can become more adept at advising clients who invest or could benefit from investing in tax credits.  Volunteers and non-profit board members can gain skills and expertise to become more effective in advocating and designing revitalization projects.  Government and elected officials can find new ways to leverage public/private partnerships and ensure maximum value for taxpayers. 

If you are interested in real estate development, the Academy can help teach you the language that developers speak so that you can be an informed participant in real estate development professionally and/or in your neighborhood/community.

Participants are encouraged to come to the Academy with a project idea or outline of a project proposal.

The Academy is limited to twenty-five (25) individuals on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Upon reaching the registration limit, Prosperity Indiana will add additional registrants to a waiting list.



Models, Process, and the Market

    • Approaches to Real Estate Development
    • Development Process
    • Market Analysis
    • Property Management


Physical Reality: Lands, Buildings, and Construction

    • Site Selection
    • Building Selection
    • Architect Selection
    • Contractor Selection


Money and Financial Proforma

    • Inventory of Basic Funding Sources
    • Gathering Information
    • Walking through Different Proformas
    • Presenting Your Materials


Presentations to Industry Professionals


As an Academy graduate, you are able to create a professional quality project proposal for investment property, including construction, development, and operating projections.  These skills provide you with the ability to put together and/or invest in new construction and historic rehabilitation opportunities in your local community, and to understand and leverage all of the relevant incentive programs to attract investment.

Graduates will leave the program with a complete toolkit to launch real estate development projects. Graduates will be prepared to guide developments from purchase and sale agreements (contracts to acquire/sell property) all the way to lease up and operation. Every graduate will leave with a custom-designed five-year operating pro forma and the ability to use this tool to evaluate projects.


The cost to attend the Academy is $375 for Prosperity Indiana members or $850 for non-members.  Save $125 by clicking HERE to become a Prosperity Indiana member.

Cancellation Policy: 1) Thirty (30) days prior to the event - 100% refund; 2) Twenty (20) days prior to the event - 75%; 3) Fourteen (14) days prior to the event - 25%; 4) Between zero (0) and thirteen (13) days - no refund.


Anne Mannix is a housing consultant and developer and has worked with development of affordable housing since the early 1980’s. Her experience includes development of affordable rental housing, cooperative housing, housing for persons that are homeless, and redevelopment of urban neighborhoods. Since 1997, her consulting organization has assisted with development of 25 low income housing tax credit projects with values of over $162 million. Currently, Anne is focusing on a 4% tax credit development in East Chicago, a cooperative housing development in South Bend and a home ownership project with a South Bend community development corporation. She has received several state and local leadership awards and six of her projects were selected as Project of the Year for the state of Indiana.


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