Prosperity Indiana is a statewide membership association of persons and organizations committed to advance thriving, resilient families and vibrant connected communities through community economic development. Community economic development is local action that creates economic opportunities and improves social conditions, particularly for those who are disadvantaged.

Achieving prosperity for all Hoosiers requires adapting the policy environment to create a society where all persons have the opportunity to live and work in an environment providing economic and social opportunity. It requires the vision and leadership of policymakers and administrators who understand systems—housing, education, human services, workforce, business development, transportation, health, etc.—and advance interconnected strategies to unlock individual ability and transform the built environment for the benefit of all.

A prosperous Indiana is one where upward mobility is available to all, basic needs are met, economic opportunity is plentiful, individual and community assets are mobilized for a better tomorrow. Member organizations create platforms for prosperity in Indiana. These platforms include strategies that impact where Hoosiers live, learn, work, bank, incubate business, access services, and stay healthy. Time and again, member organization have been successful in working with policymakers to launch programs and advance policies to build affordable housing, support access to housing, connect and deliver high quality human and workforce services, ensure access to financial capital, and grow local economies through investment in sustainable businesses and industry sectors.

Despite successes, significant work remains to ensure persons of all ages, races, abilities, and income levels can thrive, are included in the economic mainstream, and live in sustainable communities. Prosperity Indiana achieves its goals by lobbying policymakers, mobilizing members, facilitating discussion between state departments and local governments and organizations, and connecting members with information and advocacy opportunities for relevant issues.

Prosperity Indiana’s policy agenda outlines a framework for policy advocacy and engagement on behalf of members. Prosperity Indiana is committed to promoting policies that help meet basic needs, build family assets, expand and preserve safe affordable housing, ensure food security, connect families to education and employment opportunity via sustainable infrastructure and transportation, and prevent predatory practices from exploiting Hoosiers. The accompanying policy priorities provide specific positions championed by Prosperity Indiana. In 2017, Prosperity Indiana will build on the achievements we have seen in last 30 years spent advocating on behalf of the diverse member network through continued collaboration policymakers and administrators around critical federal, state and local policies that build vibrant communities and support resilient families.

Click on the links for our 2017 Federal, State and Administrative Policy Priorities. You can also search for federal legislators and bills on our action page.

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