Achieving prosperity for all Hoosiers lies within the work of our members to help meet basic needs, preserve and expand affordable housing, and connect individuals and families to education, employment, and economic opportunity. The success of those efforts requires the support of strong, innovative policies that help build a society where all persons have access to economic and social opportunity.

Prosperity Indiana works closely with policymakers to launch programs and advance policies to ensure that persons of all ages, races, abilities, and income levels are included in the economic mainstream and live in sustainable communities. We advocate for priorities to address those challenges by lobbying policymakers, mobilizing members, facilitating discussions between state departments and local governments and organizations, and connecting members with information and advocacy opportunities. 


Prosperity Indiana 2023 Policy Agenda:

Increasing Housing Affordability and Financial Resiliency for
Stronger Hoosier Families and Communities

Prosperity Indiana’s members report that ongoing economic disruptions continue to have unequal effects on Hoosiers, their communities, and the organizations who serve them. PI’s 2023 Policy Agenda focuses on federal, state, and administrative

opportunities to increase housing affordability and financial resiliency, and to build stronger, more equitable Indiana communities.

For 2023, PI members prioritize policies that deliver short- and long-term solutions for Indiana’s ongoing housing affordability and stability 
crisis; strengthen the infrastructure of resources for the state’s community economic development sector; and build wealth while limiting factors that strip wealth from Hoosier families and communities.

Across all issue areas, PI members have indicated their priority for policies that advance equity and equitable community and economic development. This includes advocating for policies that permanently improve the lives of Hoosiers long neglected by public policy. PI members want to inform policymakers about the effects that their decisions have on Indiana’s disinvested communities and to advocate for the organizations who serve those communities in order to produce more equitable outcomes for the state.

For 2023, Prosperity Indiana’s members identified urgent and emerging priorities to advance an equitable recovery that reaches all Hoosiers 
and their communities. 

Urgent Policy Priorities

    • Prevent evictions and housing instability through standing up permanent emergency rental assistance and strengthening tenant protections.
    • Counter economic disruptions and increase wealth-building and decrease wealth-stripping for individuals and the community as a whole.

    • Regulate problem properties, including vacant and abandoned buildings, and enforce health and safety in rental housing in order to provide a path to home ownership.
    • Eliminate disparities and advance equitable solutions for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, that impact a person's ability to have safe, stable housing, build wealth, and build strong communities, including access to contraception and maternal care.

In addition to the urgent policy priorities, Prosperity Indiana’s 2023 Policy Agenda includes opportunities to promote the long-term advancement of affordable housing, community development resources, and consumer protections in Indiana at the federal, state, and administrative levels.

View the PDF version of Policy Priorities here

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