Prosperity Indiana Staff

Aspen Clemons
Executive Director
317.222.1221 x402

Marie Beason

Capacity Building Director
317.222.1221 x407

With a career dedicated to effective nonprofit management, Marie currently serves as Capacity Building Director to provide leadership and planning, consulting, and training service to Prosperity Indiana members. Marie utilizes her skills to strengthen pathways to prosperity for Indiana families and communities.

Andrew Bradley

Senior Director of Policy and Strategy

317.222.1221 x403

As Senior Director of Policy and Strategy, Andrew works with PI members and leadership to develop and advance the association’s annual policy agenda and supervise policy and advocacy activities, while providing leadership on the strategic direction of initiatives that affect PI’s mission, including public policy and advocacy at the federal, state and local levels.

Hale Crumley

Policy Manager

317.222.1221 x406

Hale coordinates the operations, strategic development, and advocacy efforts of Prosperity Indiana’s three issue-based, statewide coalitions and works to further PI's policy goals. The coalitions that she convenes are the Hoosier Housing Needs Coalition, the Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network, and Hoosiers for Responsible Lending. 

Tonya Dinkins

Housing Stability Evaluation and Data Manager

As the Housing Stability Evaluation and Data Manager, Tonya's work focuses on supporting the Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Housing Stability Network, and Housing Stability Program Managers (HSPM), to successfully execute their mission of increasing housing opportunities, and economic stability for low-income households. Through analysis of ERA data, program evaluations, and understanding the unique needs of our partners, and the Housing Stability Network, Tonya strategically supports the great work that is being done across the state.

Jennifer Dizdarevic

Operations Specialist

317.222.1221 x413

Destinee Lewis

Engagement Manager

As Engagement Manager, Destinee strives to captivate, empower, and partner with our growing network of members. Her expertise in event coordination and relationship building enhances our network’s membership value and capacity. She believes that through the power of collective consciousness and diligent work we can create a society that provides equitable access to economic and social opportunity.

Teresa Reimschisel

Operations & Finance Director
317.222.1221 x404

Teresa supports the organization through building the capacity of Prosperity Indiana, its members, and its  partners. She directs operational processes and works with directors and managers to advance Prosperity Indiana's strategic plan. Teresa enjoys connecting organizations with resources that will multiply their impact.

Danielle Drew

Housing Stability Program Manager

317.222.1221 x408

Danielle balances training and program evaluation skills to amplify program delivery for the Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance (IERA) Housing Stability Network. She engages with IERA providers to increase housing counseling services and the number of certified housing counselors across Indiana. She is responsible for conducting research to improve economic stability for low-income households, collaborating with providers to identify process improvements to increase performance, engages community partners to increase knowledge and awareness of the program, works with program staff to develop standard operating guidance for providers to ensure grant compliance, continuity in program delivery, and messaging.

Daniel Stroud

Communications Specialist

317.222.1221 x409

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